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Added the final version of the Meet !Cube music demo. The previous version had a few bugs which manifested themselves when you moved the mouse or ran the demo on a Falcon 060 with a code cache. The download link now points to the final version.

New Atari ST music demo called Meet !Cube added, released at the Silly Venture 2012 party. Also added recordings of the unreleased tunes: Decisive Factor, Outpost (Atari ST remix), Dizzzruptor part 3 (Atari ST remix) and Renaissance from the demo to the YM2149F-section

Added a new section for my Atari ST intros, go check it out.

Made a soundtrack to Rustbloom's Alternative Party demo entry: Sense.

New tune in the YM2149F-section, the winner of the YM2149-music competition at SillyVenture 2010 party: Blink.

Added new YM2149F tune called Crystallized from an Atari ST cracktro I made for D-Bug.

Soundtrack from Trauma's new textmode demo added: Semi-automatic Dumbek.

Made a short little soundtrack for the tAAt 2008 intro.

Both of my entries for the oldschool music competition at Assembly 2007 are now available: Glide done on the C64 and Agent Hippel To The Rescue on the Atari ST.

"New" tune in the MP3/OGG-section, Plastic Mindstorm. Another unreleased tune from the year 2000 that has gone through a facelift.

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