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I've composed modules with different trackers, from Octalyzer and ProTracker on the Atari ST to FastTracker2 and ScreamTracker3 on the PC. Here you can find some of my work. Since I started composing stuff using synthesizers, I have hardly done any modules anymore since they are so limited.

The Extended Module (.xm) files can be replayed on Windows using MODPlug Player or Winamp.

You can find some of my older stuff included in the Dee Musicdisks which can be downloaded from the website of Sol/Armada.

Little Nell .xm
A co-op with Teque/Armada. Soundtrack from TBL's winning Amiga demo Little Nell at Mekka Symposium 2002.

Release date: Mekka Symposium 2002

Perfect Circle .xm
A co-op with Teque/Armada. Soundtrack from TBL's winning Amiga demo Perfect Circle at Mekka Symposium 2001. This one is the release version, the demo featured a shorter one.

Release date: Mekka Symposium 2001

Guntech was a game developed by Remedy Entertainment which never was finished due to issues with the publisher. I composed the music for the game with Teque/Armada and here are the in-game level tunes I did for the game.

Release date: 1996

   Atlantis .xm
   Cybernetica .xm
   Dune .xm
   G-factory .xm
   Outer world .xm
   Shanghai simulation .xm

Mankind .xm
Ambient, synth and distorted. Main point being shock therapy and out-of-this-world audio samples ripped from the movies The Planet of the Apes and Logan's Run.

Release date: 05-01-1999

Ransumaasta kajahtaa .xm
Soundtrack from Trauma's Textmode Demo Compo 3 invitation intro. I tried mixing some goa-like features with synth and added a really fast breakbeat to it.

Release date: 17-10-1998

Gateways to Jambala .xm
First part of the soundtrack from Trauma's demo Gateways. The second part was made by Nitro/Armada.

Release date: Assembly'98

Scotchman in a skirt .xm
Winner of the music competition at Assembly'98. Inspired by watching too much Riverdance and listening to Vangelis' score for the movie 1492-Conquest of Paradise. And yes, the name is meant to be taken as a sarcastic remark.

Release date: Assembly'98

Angels .xm
Minimalistic synth pop and experimental. This is a very short little tune and sounds a bit unfinished which it actually is.

Release date: 13-05-1998

Iconia rageai .xm
Another one of my synth pop and experimental mixdowns. As usual, emphasizing the lead. And no, I had no idea the name had something to do with Star Trek.

Release date: 31-10-1997

Gaia floating in Me .xm
Soundtrack from Trauma's Textmode Demo Compo 2 invitation intro. An experimental synth tune with a lot of overdriven stuff including some ripped speeches from Front242 and Aggression's Brain Damage demo.

Release date: 26-09-1997

Project Biotenshu .xm
Soundtrack from Trauma's Movement'97 invitation intro. Pretty similar synth and experimental stuff as Beast from inside.

Release date: 22-05-1997

Beast from inside .xm
A synth and experimental tune emphasizing the overdriven melody.

Release date: 15-03-1997