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On this page you can find some of my music which has been composed using both hardware and software synthesizers and sequenced using a software sequencer such as Steinberg's Cubase SX on the PC. Nowadays, I hardly ever use any hardware synths anymore since using VST-instruments inside a sequencer is far more faster and easier to set up.

The MP3 (.mp3) and Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) files can be replayed on Windows using Winamp.

New Horizons .ogg .mp3 .flac
A slightly more chirpy and happy epic hybrid orchestral tune than my usual style.

Release date: 15-10-2021

Restless Hearts .ogg .mp3 .flac
Was trying to do something completely different but ended up with this, whatever this is. Not much more to say about it, just some orchestral thingy.

Release date: 28-04-2021

No Good Deed .ogg .mp3 .flac
Heavily influenced by Justin E. Bell's magnificent piece "Journey's End" in the end of the game "The Outer Worlds". I wanted to experiment and see if I could manage to make a similar piece with only three chords like the original, so I used the same pacing, mostly the same instrumentation, and the same structure for the piece.

This piece is in no means an original composition, and it's not meant to be, but a more of an experiment into orchestral composing, and my humble tribute to the piece that was my inspiration.

Re-mixed and re-uploaded a new mix on 31.10.2021, the original mix had some noise issues which I wanted to get rid of.

Release date: 01-02-2021

Athos .ogg .mp3 .flac
A short experimentation on cinematic orchestral music after taking a few courses on writing cinematic music and arranging for strings.

Release date: 30-11-2020

My Pixels Are Weapons .ogg .mp3 .flac
Originally intended as a soundtrack to the announcement demo of the third volume of "The Masters of Pixel Art". The demo was never finished due to technical problems, therefore the tune was used in an animation announcement instead. I have to thank Klas Benjaminsson (a.k.a. Prowler) for giving me a chance to take part in this project.

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Release date: 17-05-2019

10000 Hammers of Justice .ogg .mp3 .flac
An epic hybrid track that was lying unfinished on my harddrive for over a year. A learning experience on combining different sample libraries, mixing and mastering.

Release date: 01-02-2017

Snowfallen Wilds .ogg .mp3
Just a simple minimalistic tune I had in my head once upon a time during winter.

Release date: 26-11-2015

Santiago Returns .ogg .mp3
Felt like doing a chill out synthwave tune after trying out some CZ sounds, and here's the result.

Release date: 04-01-2015

Reflection .ogg .mp3
Thought I'd get my hands dirty with some 80's vibes after listening a lot of the new synthwave tracks out there. Expect cheesy synth stabs and powerchords.

Release date: 02-08-2014

Plan and Execute .ogg .mp3
A project that I started in 2007 but couldn't quite get it finished at the time and has since then been lying on the hard drive. At the time of the initial composition I was inspired by Bill Brown's work on Ghost Recon and John Powell's score in the Bourne-movies.

Release date: 17-01-2014

tAAt 2014 .ogg .mp3
Soundtrack from tAAt 2014 intro. My first attempt at dubstep of any kind as well as using Ableton Live for composing.

Release date: 01-01-2014

Iconia rageai - Redux .ogg .mp3
Inspired by the remake of Project: Biotenshu by the demoscene legend Skaven, I decided to have a go at it myself, remaking one of my old tunes. This is how it should have sounded like back in 1997.

Release date: 24-07-2013

Starchild .ogg .mp3
Soundtrack from Trauma's text mode demo Litterae Finis. The beginning of the tune was originally composed for a small game project which never saw the light of day. Sol wanted to work on a text mode demo for Text Mode Demo Competition 15 but was missing a tune so I added the end part, and remixed the tune once again. The original idea was to have a very spacey feeling to the tune as the game project was space-related, and I think it fits.. more or less :)

Release date: 15-01-2013

tAAt 2013 .ogg .mp3
Soundtrack from tAAt 2013 intro. This tune was originally composed for the 2010 tAAt New Year intro but it didn't quite fit the visuals so it wasn't used. Fortunately no one was particularly interested in doing the soundtrack for the 2013 intro so I added the end part, remixed the tune, and it was finally released.

Release date: 01-01-2013

Sense .ogg .mp3
Soundtrack from Rustbloom's Alternative Party demo competition entry Scanline. A soundscape piece that I tried to keep quite minimalistic as the demo itself is minimalistic as well.

Release date: 23-10-2011

Semi-automatic Dumbek .ogg .mp3
Soundtrack from Trauma's textmode demo The Turing Machines Didn't Care. Originally the tune was a sample sequency composed for an Atari STe demo but it was never used so I made a proper tune out of it for the textmode demo. Since it was done in quite a rush, it's still a bit unpolished but I decided to release the same version that is in the demo.

Release date: 17-12-2008

tAAt 2008 .ogg
Soundtrack from tAAt 2008 intro. I wanted to make an oldschoolish tune with a modern touch and felt like going over the top with a choir in the end.

Release date: 01-01-2008

Plastic Mindstorm (2007 Remix) .ogg .mp3
Another blast from the past! Like Moments, I did this tune back in 2000 with synths but never released it because it was so badly mixed. Once again I converted it from Sonar to Cubase and made it to use only VST instruments.

Release date: 02-01-2007

Retrok .ogg .mp3
Yet another co-op work with phaser. We feel that the tune captures the 80's feel quite nicely even though the sounds are not as cheesy :) The tune was made in a similar fashion to Minty Flamingo: phaser made most of the composition and I made the leads, fixed some compositional issues which affected the mixing and mixed the tune (of which I'm not too proud of again).

Release date: 10-11-2006

Minty Flamingo .ogg .mp3
Another co-op work with phaser. The composition was primarily done by phaser, I added the lead for the end part and mixed the tune (of which I'm not too proud of). One of the VST synths used added some additional clicks and pops to the tune but I couldn't find the effort to try and fix it.

Release date: 07-11-2006

Moments (2006 Remix) .ogg .mp3
A tribute to Chris Hülsbeck and Jochen Hippel where I tried to mimic their composing styles. This tune was originally composed with hardware synthesizers using Sonar back in 2000 for an oldshool-styled demo but the demo was never finished so the tune never got released either. I recreated the project in Cubase and changed it to use only virtual synthesizers.

Release date: 04-11-2006

The Line Age .ogg .mp3
A co-op with phaser. Soundtrack from Armada's demo The Line Age.

Release date: Assembly 2005

The final run .ogg
Winner of the instrumental music competition at Assembly 2004. Orchestral grandiloquence over some ethnic drum ensembles is the main concept.

Release date: Assembly 2004

Acula class .ogg .mp3
Winner of the instrumental music competition at Assembly 2003. Inspired by Hans Zimmer's score to the movie Crimson Tide.

Release date: Assembly 2003

Molequel Man (COMPO VERSION) .mp3
A co-op with Teque/Armada, 4th in the MP3 compo at Assembly 2001.

Release date: Assembly 2001

Zimmah Queue (COMPO VERSION) .mp3
A co-op with Teque/Armada, 5th in the MP3 compo at Assembly 2000.

Release date: Assembly 2000

Traumatique .mp3
A co-op with Teque/Armada. Soundtrack from Trauma's demo Traumatique. A project where I did some of the more softer parts where as Teque was the man with the angst.

Release date: Assembly'99

Enigmatique (FULL VERSION) .mp3
A co-op with Teque/Armada, 5th in the MP3 compo at Assembly'99. This tune began as a mere four measure sequence I made at home, of which we threw away pretty much everything except the beat. We mixed in some ripped audio samples from the movie Fifth Element and... voilà!

Release date: Assembly'99