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I used to be pretty active in the demoscene but nowadays I hardly have any time for such activities. My demoscene history starts in the year 1990 on the Atari ST. I created a demogroup called Chronicle with another guy and I was responsible for the graphics and composing music for our productions. Later on around 1995 I joined Aggression but by that time the Atari scene was already dying.

I met some weird PC demoscene guys in 1992 at a Swedish demoparty called Mega-Leif. It just happens that I went to the same high school with one of them, that person being Sol/Armada. We started doing some demos and other stuff for fun and I joined the PC demogroup, Hysteria, that he was in. Visiting his home pretty often, I came to know his brother, Nitro/Armada pretty well too and as he was a composer, I thought of creating a label under which we could release all our composed stuff. Thus the music group Dee was created. After a while, we invited Teque/Armada to join us.

Nitro had joined a demogroup called Dubius and at some point we didn't see too much sense in having three different groups that shared mostly the same people so all the groups were combined to form Trauma. We released a few demos and even won at Assembly in 1998 with our demo Gateways. By this time I had learned to code and I did some of the effects for the demo as well as the first part of the soundtrack.

We had a lot of contact with another Finnish demogroup, Recreation, who had some nice guys in it. Losing some of our coders to studies and whatnot, we thought it would be a nice idea to join forces with these Recreation guys and that's what we did. Aggression had been a part of a bigger co-operative demogroup called Armada back on the Atari ST, and both myself and Teque being old members of Aggression, we resurrected the old name and formed Armada.

During all this, I bought myself a Commodore 64 somewhere in 1997 and started composing music with it. I had hung around the #c-64 channel in IRC and talked with some nice guys so I joined the C-64 group Palace. A while after that, they decided to hang in their gloves and call it quits so I joined the notorious cracking group SCS*TRC as a musician. Later on another Finnish composer and coder, Agemixer, asked me to join the demogroup Skalaria. Since then, Skalaria has been incorporated into the group Atlantis.

The latest demoscene stuff I've done were soundtracks for Trauma's textmode demo The Turing Machines Didn't Care and Rustbloom's Scanline. You can also find my soundtracks from the traditional New Year demos by tAAt, in 2013 and in 2014.