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Most people know me by my demoscene nick but my real name is Greger Lönnberg. Born, to the cold country in northern Europe that is known as Finland, in 1976.

I compose music now and then, I don't have as much time for it as I would like though. I've been practicing different martial arts for the most part of my life, including Wado-ryu Karate, Wing Tsun and Muay Thai but currently I'm concentrating in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Wrestling. I also enjoy windsurfing, snowboarding and scuba diving. Sometimes I even code some small things but I rarely finish any of my coding projects.. I currently have probably about a million open projects.

I've been composing music with computers since roughly 1990. Starting with soundchip and tracker music on the Atari ST and moving on to using a PC and synthesizers. Later on I discovered the source of my interest towards soundchip music from my youth, the Commodore 64. My style in music has varied over the years, at first being Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis inspired synth pop, later on being experimented along with some more raw and distorted sounds as well as heavier beats. Today, I mainly compose pseudo-orchestral filmscore-ish pieces inspired by Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams and the like. But I haven't forgotten my roots as I still like to compose soundchip music for both the Atari ST and the Commodore 64.

I started coding with STOS Basic and GFA Basic on the Atari ST. When I started high school, I learned Pascal and soon moved on to using C. Since then I learned to code in Java and my first programming job was doing server-side applications with Java. After that I've done pretty much everything in C++ but I've also learned some assembler languages like 6502, Z80, 68000 and ARM.

I have participated in many demoscene competitions throughout the years and here's the record of my achievements:

  • 2nd at Aggressive Party'93 music competition
  • 2nd at Assembly'94 multichannel competition
  • 2nd at Assembly'95 4 channel competition
  • 3rd at Assembly'96 multichannel competition
  • 2nd at Assembly'97 C64 music competition
  • 3rd at Zoo'97 music competition
  • 1st at Assembly'98 music competition
  • 4th at Assembly'99 C64 music competition
  • 5th at Assembly'99 MP3 competition
  • 4th at Assembly 2000 oldschool music competition
  • 5th at Assembly 2000 MP3 competition
  • 1st at Assembly 2001 oldschool music competition
  • 4th at Assembly 2001 MP3 competition
  • 1st at Assembly 2003 instrumental music competition
  • 1st at Assembly 2004 instrumental music competition
  • 2nd at Assembly 2006 oldschool music competition
  • 2nd and 5th at Assembly 2007 oldschool music competition
  • 1st at Silly Venture 2010 YM2149 music competition
  • 3rd at Silly Venture 2012 YM2149 music competition
  • 1st at Silly Venture 2013 YM2149 music competition
  • 1st at Silly Venture 2014 YM2149 music competition
  • 2nd at Silly Venture 2016 YM2149 music competition
  • 1st at Silly Venture 2017 YM2149 music competition
  • 1st at Silly Venture 2019 YM2149 music competition