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Atari ST

As I still love the platform where my demoscene "career" started, I decided to learn MC68000 assembler and create some demoscene related works, albeit about 20 years too late. Personally, I prefer the old ST over the STe and its "enhancements" so I've only done products using the old tricks rather than using hardware scrolling and whatnot.

Bitbender cracktro .prg


Another small cracktro for Elite. I wanted to get a cracktro done for Christmas releases so I quickly whipped up this simple intro. I've always loved bitbender scrollers, and what's better than one bitbender scroller? Multiple bitbender scrollers!

Prowler was busy so I ended up doing all the graphics for the intro this time, and it was nice to try and do some pixeling for once.

Release date: December 2019

Watch in YouTube (50 fps)

Invaders cracktro .prg


A small retro cracktro for Elite. I had had the idea of using the space invaders sprites for an intro for a long time, and I thought making them animated, and zoom in and out would make a nice effect. The final version works much better as it's synced to the music, and I have to thank Prowler for making that suggestion, as well as supplying the awesome logo.

Release date: December 2018

Watch in YouTube (50 fps)

Re-birth HD patch intro .prg


A small intro for D-Bug again. Nothing fancy, just liked the idea of an underwater scene with air bubbles rising up to the surface.

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Watch in YouTube (50 fps)

Release date: August 2015

Meet !Cube .zip


A music demo with all my tunes since my "comeback" to the Atari-scene. Includes my entry, 'Decisive Factor' to the Silly Venture 2012 party YM-music competition. I must thank Yerzmyey/AY-Riders and dEViLOCk/Arsenic for letting me create Atari ST remixes of their wonderful tunes, as well as Samurai/Inter Development for creating the graphics on a short notice.

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Release date: December 2012, Silly Venture 2012 party

Silly Venture 2011 Invitation Intro .zip


This was my first Atari ST intro but it was released after the D-Bug cracktro. It was originally done as a cracktro for D-Bug too but I never got it finished as every graphics artist that worked on it dropped the ball at some point. Finally Grey/Mystic Bytes asked whether it could be used as an invitation intro for the Silly Venture 2011 party. Piesiu/Mystic Bytes drew some awesome graphics for it, and I added some little features like fades and a 4-pixel raster scroll instead of a 12-pixel one to finish it up.

Doesn't feature anything that fancy, just some opened side and lower borders, and a dual playfield raster trick with a bytebending scroller.

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Release date: June 2011

Prince of Persia cracktro .zip


This was my first released intro for the Atari ST, a cracktro for the group D-Bug. Uses some nifty synchronized code and tricks to achieve the big scroller, implemented by changing the background color every 8 pixels, whereas you normally can only do it every 12-pixels with a 'move.w (a0)+,(a1)'. Also uses a digidrum tune which normally screws up any synchronous code.

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Release date: June 2010